Power Station Expansion Project


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"The 6th October Power Station is a power generation project located inside the Extra High Voltage Researches Lab area, in the suburbs of Cairo."

The project consists of four indoor gas turbines with total capacity of 600MW, the facility includes all necessary auxiliary equipment including a new natural gas reducing and handling facility and water treatment facilities.

Power generated at the standard voltage and is stepped through main transformers and fed to the utility unified grid via an onsite 220 kV Gas Insulated Switchyard.


SICES for Saif Textile

More informations:

  • Location: Egypt
  • End user: PGESCO
  • Sector: production power plan
  • Target: high tension power expansion


SICES designed and manufactured a customized Gen-set control panel and distribution board for emergency diesel generators.  Control panel was equipped with a multiple paralleling Gen-set controller DST4602 Evolution and 3 off MC 100, supervisor controllers for multiple parallel applications and 2 battery charges.

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