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Since 1977, SICES Srl designs and manufactures Electronic Devices and Electric Control Panels for the management of Gensets by any producer and brand.

Starting from the project up to the production and to the start-up of the plants, every process is performed by a qualified and skilled staff thanks to the high technical experience.

With technologic pioneering, SICES started developing the first micro-processed Control Devices in the early ‘80s, becoming one of the first players for the high standard in quality, reliability and innovation, both in the control and management of gensets.

SICES is a partner of several high-level companies, supporting the customer from the project to the star-up of the plant.

SICES also offers an electric plant service engineering for the domestic/industrial distribution.

SICES is also involved in various projects to improve the energetic efficiency through sustainable and green sources as necessary bases for a sustainable development process. Therefore, it has been working for years in the photovoltaic field, both civil and industrial, offering the best products in terms of profit and quality on the market.

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SICES associated with:

AEIT – Italian Association for Electrotechnic, Electronic, Automation and ITC

ANIE – National Federation of Electrotechnical and Electronic

ASCOMAC – COGENA – Italian Association for the Promotion of the Cogeneration

ELETTRICITA' FUTURA – The leading Association of the Italian electrical world

ATI – Italian Association of Thermotechnics

CEI – Italian Electrotechnical Committee

CTI – Italian Thermotecnic Comitee


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S.I.C.E.S. Società Italiana
Costruzioni Elettriche
Via Molinello n. 8/B
21040 - Jerago con Orago
Varese - Italy

Tel. +39 0331212941
Fax +39 0331216102

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