Agricultural Biogas Plant for
MTM Energia


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“DST4602 in action - Biogas Plant at traditional farm in Locate di Triulzi, Italy”

MTM Energia delivers Compact and effective Cogeneration solutions suitable for agricultural Biogas plants, which can be customized to your specific technical requirements.

This is the case of a 100 kWe biogas Plant located within the farm in Locate di Triulzi, a municipality in the province of Milan,
which has reached 8,670 operating hours in the first 12 months of testing.

The division of the plant between biology and cogeneration lead us to create a 40' container housing the thermal recovery generation unit;
A framework managing both the cogeneration and the biology areas.
We developed all the plant management and control activities including remote supervision, as well as a special technological skid where the digester treating the biogas produced by the biomass is heated before being powered by the gen-set.
This proved to be the ideal solution to optimise small scale biogas plants without neglecting quality and efficiency.


More informations:

  • Location: Locate di Triulzi, Milan Italy
  • End User: MTM energia
  • Sector: Biogas
  • Target: Provide a smart solution to optimise small scale biogas plants without neglecting quality and efficiency.


SICES has provided a customized control panel with a DST4602 genset controller to manage the operating functions of both the cogeneration unit and the biology plant and thanks to SICES’ engineering department, their smart solution delivered a single electrical panel which manages both generator and biology control functions for the energy and biogas production.


  • protection grade IP54 (Front panel by means of additional keylock protective cap and gasket)
  • EMC: compliant with EN61326-1
  • Safety belt in compliance with EN61010-1
  • Display features: DST4602 800 x 450 pixel TFT, 7” colour display
  • Operating temperature: 20 °C to 70 °C
  • Storage temperature: -30 °C to 80 °C
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