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"Meleiha oil field block covers an area of 700 km2, and it produces about 42,870 barrels/day."

There are 217 oil production wells and 50 injection wells at the field. Natural gas is Egypt’s big challenge for the new millennium, being an invaluable resource for the economic development of the country and for exports.


SICES for Saif Textile

More informations:

  • Location: Northern Province of Western Desert, Egypt.
  • End user: ENI
  • Sector: oil & gas
  • Target: increase gas production in the Meleiha Oil Field


Sices designed 10 Gas Gen-Set control panel for production power plant, 1 diesel gen-set control panel 560 lW for emergency power plant, 1 common panel and distribution panel. The power plant provides additional electrical power allowing expansion of the gas production plant to increase the amount of gas produced from this important field.

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