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This is the Yas Marina race circuit in Abu Dhabi, home of the FIA Formula 1 Grand Prix night race in the United Arab Emirates, amongst other notable events throughout the year.

The 5.5km long FIA certified circuit, features twenty one challenging corners which can be viewed by 41,000 spectators housed in the circuits five grandstands.

The circuit opened in 2009 with a construction cost of €893m, the aggregate used for the high grip race circuit was specially imported from England. The circuit features the largest permanent sports venue lighting project in the world and was designed and installed by the same company which provided lighting for The White House, The Statue of Liberty and even the famous Daytona Beach Raceway. Yas Marina race circuit has a consumption of 80mW of electrical power supplied by a total of 44 generators.


Construction of the circuit started in 2007 and many of the generating sets were installed at this time, providing electrical power during the construction phase. Eventually these generators were supplemented by the remaining sets in time for the opening day to night race in 2009.

Many companies publish case studies following the supply of products to clients, but normally in the warm afterglow of providing the products. At Sices we believe customer satisfaction continues long after the supply has been completed. Hence this case study on mature Sices products in a challenging environment, where obtaining the peak of performance is a way of life.

The lighting project uses Sices controllers for the generators, combining capability with reliable operation. The track lighting is divided into 22 different zones with two generators in operation at each zone. A central monitoring station, provides for remote monitoring of the generators, ensuring any anomalies are highlighted to maintenance teams immediately.

During the Formula 1 Grand Prix, normally held in November each year, the circuit lighting is used to transition the race from a daytime race starting at 17.00 into a full night race by the time it ends 55 high speed laps and 2 gruelling hours later. Once night falls the race can only be completed if sufficient circuit lighting is provided. Clearly any generator failure leading to a loss of circuit lighting would have disastrous effects for the race, or even the FIA championship and the future use of Yas Marina as a Formula 1 venue. The implications for Driver and spectator safety should a loss of circuit light occur are unthinkable…


After almost 10 years of operating outside in summer temperatures achieving 40 degrees Celsius, in a costal location subject to high humidity and salt water spray, the generators show signs of their hard life. Faded paintwork, corroded steel enclosures and plastics eroded by ultraviolet rays for the strong sunshine all pay tribute to the tough conditions.

The Sices controllers wear their platina of use somewhat better. The LCD displays are still fully functional and readable, the label legends while tarnished with superficial dirt, are still in perfect condition. Pushbuttons which have seen years of operation still function as intended. Reliability of the controllers has been exemplary, fully meeting all the demands placed on them by circuit operations over the years. No circuit lighting failures have been experienced due to controller malfunction or failure.

Today Sices continues to design and manufacture its controllers to the same high standards, and each controller is subject to a full 48 hour high temperature “burn in” test at the factory. This unique attention to quality means that once supplied, a Sices controller intends to give years of service, even in demanding conditions. If your application demands the peak of performance, Sices can help you get there.

Watch the excitement of the next Abu Dhabi FIA Formula 1 Grand prix on Sunday 26th November 2017, and see Sices controllers at the peak of Performance.



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