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GC 315


GSM/GPRS/LTE and GNSS interface module for the connections with


8 x Digital inputs


2 x Digital outputs


1 x Analogue input




USB Port








REWIND is a connectable electronic module troughout GSM / GPRS / LTE to a portable appliance as, a generator, a light tower, a tank, etc... For the automatic data transmission to the SIMONE remote central control system (Sices Monitor Network).

It can also be used to set up a connection with the SICES SUPERVISOR monitoring software.
REWIND can be easily programmed via RS232 port as well as an USB by connecting a serial cable to the device, the parameters are set using the BoardPRG software tool available for free from the SICES website.

REWIND has been designed to be mounted on DIN RAIL 46277, to allows a quick and easy installation.

Rear view connections and dimensions

  • GSM/GPRS/LTE (Cat.M1, NB-IoT) and GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BeiDou) antenna for position information.
  • Internal SIM card.
  • With or without Internal battery version.
  • Programmable via serial cable with BoargPRG SICES tool.
  • DIN RAIL compatible for a quick and easy installation.
  • Internal modem used as communication interface towards SICES SUPERVISOR and SIMONE server.
  • The voltage feeder can be 12Vdc either 24vdc.

The REWIND module can be connected in several ways, as following

  • N.1 Serial port RS232 MODBUS RTU.
  • N.1 Serial port RS485 MODBUS RTU.
  • N.8 Insulated digital Input.
  • N.2 Digital Output with relays.
  • N.1 Analogue Input fuel level 0÷5V.

Other port / internal components

  • N.1 USB port.
  • N.1 Accelerometer.
  • N.1 Gyroscope.
  • N.1 GNSS Module (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BeiDou)

REWIND is a multi-purposed and opened device which can be connected to the machine (e.g. a genset, a power light, an UPS or even a tank).
  • Supply: from 8 to 32Vdc.
  • Dimensions: 106x90x62 mm. (DIN RAIL 46277)
  • Power consumption: 75mA to 24V and 150mA to 12V.
  • Weight: 232gr or 254gr with internal battery.
  • Operating temperature: -30°C +70°C (without battery version) or –20°C +60°C (+50°C internal battery version).
  • Protection degree: IP20.

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