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ATS Basic and Logica control panel

Automatic switching control panel

ATS control panel, which can be combined with the group-mounted control panel for network/group exchange and vice versa


The Sices ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) panel, usually combined with the controller mounted on board, is complete with all the circuits, devices and control equipment (when required) that allow the exchange of the utilities from the main grid to the generator and vice versa, ensuring that the utilities are always powered by the main grid or by the generator, operating in emergency to the main grid.

The power circuit is appropriately segregated from other devices in accordance with current regulations aimed at guaranteeing a high operating safety.
The electrical panel consists of a small metal structure painted with high resistance epoxy powder.

The degree of protection with closed door is IP40 for the BASIC version.
For the LOGICA version the protection degree is IP54/55 based on the size of the electrical panel.

  • Double frequency 50/60 Hz
  • BASIC and LOGICA version
  • From 45A up tu 4000A
  • Used by the greatest Genset companies
  • Actractive price
  • Perfect for “Dual Gensets” operations
  • ISO 9001 certified

Switching panel with manual control , aimed with a 4 selection switch MAINS – AUTOMATIC 0 – GENSET and optical signal lamps to advise the load is supplied by the mains.

Available also, in addition, protection fuses and an auxiliary socket.

Automatic switching panel complete with microprocessor control board equipped with graphic display to show voltage, frequency, hours of operation and battery voltage of the generating set.

For the LOGICA ATS panel, the controller is available in two versions: ATS 115 and ATS 115Plus. Optionally, it is possible to add the current transformers to measure the current, the power and the power factor.

The LOGICA version is especially suitable for those case in which remote switching cannot be applied, for example in Caterpillar Generators, FG Wilson, Cummins, etc.


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