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Parallel control panel

Control panel for single or multi-generator applications

The Sices parallel control panel, in their standardized execution, incorporate the main engine and alternator protections and all the necessary functions for synchronizing and paralleling multiple gensets.

Sices srl quadro elettrico modulare



It is possible to request a switchboard with power circuit in segregated area with motorized switch for alternator protection (3/4 poles). Panels without power circuit are suitable for control of gensets of different sizes.

Standard equipment

The panles are equipped with the various protections essential to safeguard the proper operation of the genset and to enable load sharing among the machines connected in parallel with each other.

CHP functions

Sices can provide control panels for CHP stations in the same panel, thus enabling control of the genset and the thermal module in a single solution.

Mechanical features

The carpentry is made with reinforced structure, complete with lifting and handling system.
Standard painting is in RAL 7035 color, with a unified cycle with high-strength epoxy powder.
The standard mechanical protection rating is IP40 (IP20 for the inside of the switchboard).

  • Load distribution
  • Power management
  • Internal synchronizer
  • PLC functions
  • Group priority management
  • Fast parallel function
  • Board redundancy

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