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We create custom projects to meet the needs of every customer.


Tailor made Panels.

With a long-standing tradition of excellence, Sices stands out as a leader in the design and production of electrical panels.
Our expertise extends to numerous sectors, allowing us to provide increasingly advanced and efficient customized solutions.

Sices stands for reliability, quality and safety.

Our products have the most prestigious national, European, and international certifications, attesting to our commitment to excellence. Our wide range of offerings includes a diverse assortment of electrical equipment, booths, specialized systems, and installations. This diversity in offerings allows us to meet the ever-changing needs of a constantly evolving market, ensuring a high level of customization for our clients.

Sices srl certificazioni prodotti
Sices srl tecnici

For every need.

Our team of experts, specialized technicians, and highly skilled professionals, together with state-of-the-art laboratories and technologically advanced machinery, enables us to respond quickly and accurately to all customer requests. We are able to solve complex problems and meet customer specifications, always guaranteeing efficient and innovative solutions.
Our Low-Voltage panels are the result of over thirty years of constantly updated experience, thanks to direct feedback from end-users, capable of handling currents of up to 6300 A. Designed to meet a wide range of needs, these boards are adaptable to various contexts, from industrial to civil and tertiary sectors. Our offer includes protected metal boards and structures, customizable according to customer preferences, offering a wide choice of designs and configurations.

All tailored.

Sices is capable of providing any type of panel and/or component related to the installation using the best brands available on the market, ensuring exceptional performance and uncompromising safety.
From MT/BT power transformers, to MT cells, passing through Power Centers, secondary distribution panels, and even the smallest controller for residential use, we are then able to cover the entire electrical chain, up to the last switch.

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Sices has always given great importance to industrial automation. Our automation panels are designed in compliance with European regulations (CEI EN 61439), using cutting-edge technologies for controlling and commanding industrial production processes in various sectors, such as machine automation, lighting management, heating, irrigation, and more. By using the best brand PLCs, we design and test control and supervisory systems to monitor these processes, acquiring crucial data and information. This enables us to generate graphs, perform calculations, record events, and therefore carry out predictive maintenance. This approach allows us to improve product quality, optimize production efficiency, and minimize risks.

Sices srl Quadri automazione per il comando e il controllo

As a partner of leading generator set design companies, Sices offers control and power switchboards specifically designed to monitor and manage the operating status of these sets. These switchboards are designed to meet the customer's tailor-made requirements or technical specifications detailed in tender specifications.

Sices srl Quadro comando e controllo gruppi elettrogeni

The engine control panels designed by Sices are made to maximize their functionality, making equipment maintenance and replacement easier and allowing for quick intervention by technicians. The robustness of the metal cabinet and aesthetic appearance are carefully considered to make work easier.

Sices srl Quadri MCC

Sices offers electrical panels for machine onboard systems that meet the highest standards of safety and reliability, both during use and preventative maintenance. These panels are compliant with European directives CEI EN 61439-1 and CEI EN 60204, ensuring precise and safe control of industrial machines.

Sices srl Quadri elettrici per impianti bordo macchina
Our Power Center panels are the first level of low-voltage distribution and are supported by reinforced metal cabinets, capable of withstanding any type of electromechanical stress. They are designed to accommodate even large-sized equipment and busbar systems.
Sices srl Quadri distribuzione power center
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Do you want more information?
Contact Us.

Tell us about your idea and your needs, and we will leverage our expertise to provide you with a tailored solution that fits your project best.

Do you want more information?
Contact Us.

Tell us about your idea and your needs, and we will leverage our expertise to provide you with a tailored solution that fits your project best.


All of our products undergo strict quality checks,
both during the design phase and throughout production.