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RN200 Controllore ibrido

RN 200

Control device for renewable sources


18 x Digital inputs


18 x Digital outputs


7 x Analogue inputs


2 Analogue outputs


PLC Logics


AND/OR Logics


16 x Calendars


History logs


USB Port








RN200 is a device for the protection and control of the inverters for the production of electricity from renewable sources (wind, photovoltaic etc.).

The RN200 Hybrid controller allows a simple integration of renewable sources with generators and/or mains. It allows to maximize the penetration of renewable sources, while ensuring maximum safety on the power supply of the loads and maximum efficiency of the generators.

RN200 communicates via a CAN BUS interface with the SICES genset controllers (GC600, DST4602Evolution) and with the mains controllers (MC200), ensuring a simple integration of all components (both from the logical point of view and for the wirings).

Further details

Each RN200 manages up to maximum 16 inverters (and maximum 16 RN200 are managed per system); communicates with them through the Modbus protocol, using without limitation all its communication interfaces (RS232, RS485, ETHERNET). The inverters can also be of different types. From each inverter, it acquires the rated and current powers, as well as the diagnostic alarm codes. It is able to start/stop the inverters, as well as to control their active/reactive powers.

Setting and logs

Rear view connections and dimensions

Control functions included

  • Automatic start/stop of the inverters, according to the presence of voltage on the common bars.
  • Automatic management of a circuit breaker (RNCB), connecting the inverters to the common bars.
  • Limitation of the active power of the inverters, to ensure the operation of the generators at a configurable minimum power (to avoid wear related to prolonged work at low power).
  • Setting of a power reserve (SPINNING RESERVE) for the generators, so that they can compensate for sudden drops in the production of renewable sources (clouds) without causing blackouts on the loads.
  • Two ways of managing the reactive power of the inverters:
    • Fixed power factor on the generators (and all the rest is supplied/absorbed by the inverters).
    • Sharing of reactive power with generators, based on nominal powers.
  • Possibility of working OFF-GRID (island mode) and ON-GRID (in parallel to the grid).
  • Percentage sharing of active/reactive powers among inverters.
  • Percentage sharing of active/reactive powers among the RN200.

It also allows manual control of both the inverters and the RNCB circuit breaker.

Multilingual device

Default display languages:

Protections for renewable sources

  • 27 Under voltage (2 stages).
  • 46 Voltage unbalance.
  • 50 Instantaneous over current.
  • 51 Time-dependant over current.
  • 50V Voltage-restrained instantaneous over current.
  • 51V Voltage-restrained time-dependant over current.
  • 59 Over voltage (2 stages).
  • 81O Over frequency (2 stages).
  • 81U Under frequency (2 stages).

Protections for the common bars

  • 27 Under voltage.
  • 46 Voltage unbalance.
  • 47 Wrong phases sequence
  • 59 Over voltage.
  • 81O Over frequency.
  • 81U Under frequency.

Protections for power supply

  • 27 Under voltage.
  • 59 Over voltage.
  • Power supply voltage: 7...32Vdc.
  • Power supply consumption: less than 6 W (225mA @ 27 VDC).
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz.
  • Operating temperature: -25°…+60 °C.
  • Storage temperature: -30…+80 °C.
  • Humidity: 10-90% (non-condensing).
  • Dimensions: 244 (L) x 178 (H) x 83 (P) mm.
  • Panel cut-out: 218 (L) x 159 (H) mm.
  • Weight: 1100gr.
  • Protection degree: IP65 with provided gasket.
  • Graphic colour display TFT 4.3” 480 x 272 pixel with backlight.
  • EMC: compliant to EN61326-1.
  • Safety: compliant to EN61010-1.

Commercial datasheets

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