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GC 315


Full colour touch screen for the controller




Ethernet connection


D-Monitor is a touch screen with colour LCD panel, that grant an immediate graphic visualization of measures, status, alarms, referred both to the genset and to the thermic module.

Epecially suitable for cogeneration CHP plants, where it is required to visualise and control both electrical and thermal performance of the system.


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The wide display (800x600 Pixel resolution) can be combined with DST4602 and DST4602Evolution controller, choosing, whether to use the controller display or not.

The controller can be programmed via a connected laptop to change or set up the parameters.

Using the DST4602 SCM Box you will be able to connect the controller to the D-Monitor through a serial Modbus RS232 / RS485 MODBUS RTU cable, or Ethernet cable TCP/IP also.

Other Additional devices, allow remotely access, to support and display informations from an external PC on the D-MONITOR.

The connection between DST4602 / DST4602Evolution controller and D-Monitor can be made likewise through a serial Modbus RS232 / RS485 MODBUS RTU cable, or Ethernet cable TCP/IP.

In addition to the measures managed by the controller (voltages, currents, powers, energies, contactors and genset status), D-MONITOR have been particularly designed for cogeneration plants, where several graphical display measures are needed, e.g. (PT100, thermocouples, thermoregulators and solenoid valves).

On demand, D-Monitor can display and change some set points, concerning the engine carburetion and injection system.

  • LCD colour display TFT, available in different sizes:
  • Dimensions in mm:
    - 12.1” (front view 325 x 260) (Cut-out 249 x 313)
    - 15.6” (front view 325 x 260) (Cut-out 255x410)
    - Additional dimensions on demand also.
  • Touch panel: Resistive film (analogue)
  • Weight: 2.100gr - 3.300gr
  • Protection degree: IP66
  • Operating temperature: da 0°C to 55°C (+32°F to +131°F)
  • Humidity 80% (non-condensing)
  • Input voltage: 24Vdc
  • Input voltage limit: 18-36Vdc with 3 poles connector.
  • Available languages:
    - (It-En)
    - Other languages on demand
  • Generator and Mains Voltages
  • Generator Currents
  • Generator and Mains Frequency
  • Battery Voltage
  • Oil pressure/temperature
  • Coolant temperature
  • Fuel level
  • RPM
  • KW
  • KVAR
  • kVA
  • Power factor
  • Energy meters
  • N. 3 DITEL IN with a max of 48 additional digital Input

  • N. 3 DITEL OUT with a max of 24 additional digital Output

  • N. 3 DIVIT with a max of 12 additional analogue V and A Input

  • N. 6 DITHERM / DIGRIN with a max of 18 additional analogue Input for temperatures readings

  • N. 3 DANOUT with a max of 9 additional analogue Output
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