Advanced multiple paralleling Gen-set controller with internal load sharing

S.I.C.E.S. S.R.L.

GC 315

Used in conjunction with other SICES controllers, it allows for control of system Bus Tie breakers in Complex Multi-set and Multi-mains applications.

20 digital inputs
16 digital outputs
5 Analogue inputs
2 Analogue outputs
860 Event history log
Ethernet connection
16/6 Calendars/timers
PLC Logic control


Highly Advanced Parallel controller with large full colour display. Capability is guaranteed with the large PLC and extensive input and output specifi cation.

Complex monitoring of Co-generation (CHP) equipment can be achieved with ease, as can complex multiple parallel applications.

The no compromise design has a robust metal case and includes the option of secure key-switch or pushbutton control.

Available as either a single box “compact” version or two box “SCM”+“HMI” version, makes the DST4602 Evolution a controller of choice when customer requirements need to be accommodated.

Main features:

  • Size 260×202×86 mm (Cut-out 240×172 mm)
  • 7” Colour TFT display
  • Available as either a single box “compact” version or two box “SCM”+“HMI” version
  • Metal casing
  • Expandable I/O with dedicated expansion Can-bus
  • Remote display option
  • Option of Key-switch control or pushbutton control
  • D-Pro protection relay Can-bus connection

Optional devices:

  • 20 digital inputs (expandable+160)
  • 16 digital outputs (2×4A, 2×10A c/o, 8×350mA[-], 2×1A, 2×2.5A), (expandable+160)
  • 5 Analogue inputs d+ terminal and MPU (expandable+48)
  • 2 Analogue outputs +/-20mA or +/-20V for speed and voltage control (expandable+32)
  • AND/OR logic control
  • 860 Event history log with 860 record data-log
  • USB
  • 16/6 Calendars/timers
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • Ethernet connection
  • PLC Logic control (128 Kb PLC memory and 1024 bytes RAM)

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5 years warranty

5 Year warranty

With this experience, we ensure all our products have passed stringent Quality Assurance checks during design approval and production. In addition we also subject them to a unique and arduous 48 hour cyclic burn-in test, to weed out possible early life failures, which could otherwise happen in the field.

We design and build the SICES controllers to last, giving many years of worry free service. This is not an empty promise and most SICES controllers come with a 5 year warranty which guarantees against component failure and manufacturing defects. Quality products made in Italy.

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