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Advanced telematic monitoring system for remote equipment, cloud-based solution using ethernet or GPRS connection

sices srl SIMONE software
sices srl SIMONE software


SIMONE centralized monitoring system allows a real time control of gensets, tower lighting, vehicles, boats, belonging Your fleet.
This system is developed especially for gather and report all the info concerning, the status, geo-localization, measures and events of each equipment.

No workstation or traditional PC are needed, to control Your devices, now You can use any internet browser on notebook, Tablet, Smartphone.

A flexible solution and fully compatible platform for not only Sices products, but also with a high range of the most common used genset controllers.

The system security is provided using Different account levels in order to give several accesses to the webserver.

You can now easily display Your fleet, in real time, on the map thanks to the acquisition of the GPS signal.
Moreover, with our Rewind and Dance module, You can set-up an Anti-theft system for Your units.

SIMONE is a powerful interface that can help You to create report you need, especially useful for machinery rental purposes.
You can also analyse and compare data information within several charts.

  • Display and managing of status, events, alarm and measures
  • GPS geolocalization.
    Track, plot and quick status for each equipment
  • ANTI-THEFT system.
    Maintenance scheduling.
    System reports and trends
  • Data recording
  • GPRS, GSM, GPS, Ethernet and WIFI
  • Configurable multi-level Users
  • Available also for Android and iOs system

Application fields:

  • Gensets
  • Lighting towers
  • Telecom and Hybrid stations
  • External tanks with measuring sensors
  • UPS stations (datacentre, hospital etc…)
  • Trucks and boats.

Below, a selection of video tutorials useful for a quick understanding of how to manage the SIMONE App and platform.

SIMONE Tutorial - Step 1: watch

SIMONE Tutorial - Step 2: watch

SIMONE Tutorial - Step 3: watch

SIMONE Tutorial - Step 4: watch


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