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DST 2600

Automatic control panel

Automatic control panel with integrated controller for genset management.
With or without power circuit.


GC315 control panel is equipped with all the circuits, devices and control logic in order to guarantee the correct work of a system with an emergency (Automatic Mains Failure) and/or a production (Single Prime Mover) power plant.

When combined to a production and/or emergency Genset, GC315 control panel allows to supply energy within a few seconds after Mains failure.

Further details

GC315 control panel is made with a steel carpentry, carefully manufactured and painted with high resistance epoxy powder. The carpentry is equipped with all the accessories needed to lift and handle it.

The main protections, measures and controls are inbuilt in a very compact microprocessor controller. The Genset controller is mounted on the front door and, if needed, it can be easily replaced, even by non-specialized technicians.
The power circuit, when required, is appropriately segregated from other devices.

Tags and symbols of the control panel are done in compliance with health and safety rules too.

Every internal device with voltage alive has IP20 protection degree, in compliance with applicable CEI rules, changeover switches included.

Genset controller

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  • GC315 microprocessor controller (technical features are described in the corresponding datasheet).
  • Power circuit, when required, appropriately segregated from other devices.
  • Tags and danger symbols compliant with current regulations.
  • Floor stand or wall mounted carpentry (for small control panels).
  • Front door access for power cable connection and bar inspection
  • Cables incoming and outgoing from the bottom.
  • Surface protected with a painting treatment using high resistance RAL7035 epoxy powder and fire heating.
  • IP40 protection degree (the protection degree with open door is IP20).
  • Temperature operation of the devices fits into the control panel ≤40 °C.
  • Oher technical features are described in the datasheet.
  • Enquiries with features different from the standard version must be addressed to the Sales Office.
  • Installation and start-up activities are normally not included.
  • The factory test and the corresponding compliance certificate are always included.

Compliance with EU directives

o 2004/108/CE – EMC DIRECTIVE


  • The indicated power (kVA) is the maximum that can be used according to the power circuit capacity (A); any possible increase for “Genset overload” should be requested before the order.
  • Motorized changeover switches and contactors have been sized based on AC1 class.

Standard equipment

  • GC315 control panel is equipped with: N.1 microprocessor controller, engine preheating system, automatic battery charger, dedicated contacts for external switching (if not included in the control panel), power circuit (when required), STOP push button.

Power sizes

  • For sizes up to 125A, switching is made through a couple of interlocked contactors.
  • For sizes from 160A up to 2500A, switching is made through motorized changeover switches.
  • Incoming / Outgoing power cables: from the bottom.

  • N.B. For rated current up to 100A, a differential block is included.
  • For rated current equal to 125A, a residual current device, a shunt trip and a toroid are included
  • For rated current from 160A and higher, the protection is embedded into the GC315 controller, combined with an additional current transformer on generator neutral busbar (in order to protect generator and load line) and the circuit breaker opening coil (in order to protect the alternator, when required).

Mains Protections

This feature is described in GC315 datasheet.

  • Operating voltage: 400V - 50Hz.
  • Engine preheating system.
  • Automatic battery charger.
  • Dedicated contacts for external switching (if not included in the control panel).
  • Power circuit (when required).
  • STOP push button
  • Carpentry protection degree: IP40.

    Available with:
  • Max genset power: from 27KVA up to 1730KVA.
  • Switching: from 45A up to 2500A.
  • Automatic circuit breaker: from 40A up to 2500A.
  • Automatic battery charger: from 5A up to 20A.

  • For sizes up to 125A, switching is made through a couple of interlocked contactors.
  • For sizes from 160A up to 2500A, switching is made through motorized changeover switches.

    Differential protection available upon request
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