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Sices srl Das Island Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Das Island
Abu Dhabi - UAE

Sices provided the control panels and technology needed to power and operate the emergency generator and the black start. Das Island is an Emirati island in the Persian Gulf, located about 160 km northwest of the UAE mainland. The island stores and processes oil, while methane is liquefied and stored; then both are transferred to tankers. The pressurized container with the emergency generator was installed in the plant to keep vital plant systems functioning in case of power outage, to prevent gas leaks and/or possible explosions due to the malfunction of the liquefaction systems.

Country: Abu Dhabi – UAE
Sector: Oil & Gas
Target: supply of control panels to power the auxiliary systems of the new trigeneration power plant
Client: Compagnia Tecnica Motori – CTM
End Client: ADNOC Offshore

Projects Completed.

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