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sices srl ital gas

Sardinia - Italy

The system provided by Sices represents technological excellence in the field of power supply and management of cogeneration and turbo-expansion systems. This cutting-edge plant, unique of its kind in Italy, has been designed with the aim of maximizing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.
Comprising a series of high-quality electrical control and distribution panels, the system includes:
n. 2 GE electrical control panels to ensure precise and reliable process monitoring.
n. 2 skid electrical panels to facilitate plant installation and management.
n. 1 generation control electrical panel to supervise and optimize electricity production.
n. 1 plant control electrical panel to effectively coordinate all plant activities.
n. 1 distribution electrical panel to ensure safe and efficient distribution of produced energy.
n. 1 UPS electrical panel to ensure service continuity in case of power interruptions.
n. 1 electrical panel for boiler management, ensuring optimal control of the gas preheating process.
The main focus of this system is to produce electricity by reducing gas pressure through energy recovery by means of two turbo-expanders. The two cogenerators, in addition to producing thermal energy used in the natural gas expansion process, also generate electricity that is sold to the grid, along with that produced by the turbo-expanders.

Location: Montecompatri, Italy
Sector: Oil & Gas
Target: Supply of customized control panels for powering and managing cogeneration and turbo-expansion systems
End Client: Italgas

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