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Sices srl Macchi Spa Italy

Macchi Spa

With the delivery of the first order, the partnership signed in 2022 was finally realized, which will see us at Macchi Spa‘s side also in 2023 and 2024 for the realization of some of their projects, which are scheduled in the months to come.
As a first project, Sices assembled two control panels, made mainly with Siemens brand components, for a single-layer machine for plastic film production. Each panel is intended to control a precise part of the machine: the first to control the plastic extruder, the second to control the film winder. Sices was responsible for the fabrication of some of the machine’s auxiliary units, such as push buttons, junction boxes, and other minor switchboards.

Paese: Italia
Settore: Automazione
Target: Assemblaggio quadri di controllo per gestione macchina monolayer per la produzione di film plastici
Cliente: Macchi Spa

Projects Completed.


Solar Panles

Oil & Gas

Ag Refrigerator

Power Generation


Oil & Gas

ENI - Zohr

Power Generation

Mahé Airport

Oil & Gas

Ital Gas

Power Generation

Yas Marina Circuit

Bio Gas


Power Generation



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