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Sices srl Gasdotto TAP, Grecia, Albania, Italia

Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP)
Greece - Albania - Italy

Sices designed and produced control and distribution panels for emergency diesel groups at a gas pumping station, each with a remote control panel. In addition, there is a control panel with a distribution panel and a remote control panel for the gas-fueled generator in the cogeneration plant. The system comprises a total of 13 DST4602Evolution, 4 D-Pro protection relays, a 15″ touch screen D-Monitor, 17 battery chargers, and various expansion modules.

Country: Greece – Albania – Italy
Sector: Oil & Gas
Target: Supply of control and distribution boards for emergency diesel units
Client: Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG

Projects Completed.

Oil & Gas

Ital Gas

Oil & Gas

Ag Refrigerator

Bio Gas


Power Generation

Mahé Airport

Oil & Gas

Das Island


Macchi SPA

Food and Beverage


Power Generation

Royal Mail Group

Power Generation



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