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Sices: Italy’s hospitals

The energy market in Italian hospitals is inherently complex, characterized by specific requirements and rigorous safety and reliability standards. Hospitals must ensure 24/7 uninterrupted service, which means that every component of their energy system must operate flawlessly. Hospital energy management faces unique challenges, such as the need for continuous and safe power supply for life-saving equipment, reduced energy consumption, and optimized resource management.

The complexity of the hospital energy industry

Hospitals operate in an environment where power interruption is not an option. Every department, every medical device, and every infrastructure must be supported by an energy system that ensures continuity and security. In addition, the growing demand for sustainability and reduced energy costs requires advanced solutions that combine efficiency and reliability.

Specific needs of the hospital industry

  1. Continuity of service: hospitals cannot afford power outages, even for a few seconds. Any interruption can put lives at risk, especially in critical departments such as operating rooms and intensive care units.
  2. Safety and reliability: Electrical systems must be designed and built to the highest safety standards. They must be resistant to failure and provide immediate backup systems.
  3. Energy Savings: Reducing power consumption without compromising reliability is a crucial goal. Saving energy reduces operational costs and environmental impact.
  4. Adaptability and Scalability: Hospitals must be able to expand or modify their electrical systems without interrupting service. This requires flexible design and modular solutions.

The role of Sices

With our experience and design flexibility, Sices is able to meet and overcome these challenges, providing customized solutions for the hospital sector.

  • Design and Engineering: Sices handles all phases of the design and engineering of power, command, and control electrical panels. Each project is developed in close collaboration with the customer to ensure that all specific operational requirements are met.
  • Bespoke switchboard construction: we build custom-made switchboards, using high-quality components and state-of-the-art technology. This allows us to ensure maximum reliability and safety.
  • Commissioning and ongoing support: After construction, we take care of the commissioning of switchboards, making sure that everything works perfectly. We also offer ongoing support to ensure that each system remains operational and efficient over time.
  • Energy efficiency: Sices designs solutions that enable hospitals to optimize energy consumption. This includes the implementation of advanced monitoring and control systems, which allow inefficiencies to be quickly identified and corrected.
  • Emergency management: our control panels are designed to ensure immediate emergency service by activating backup systems in case of failures or outages in the main network. This ensures service continuity and patient safety.

Sices is the ideal partner for Italian hospitals seeking reliable, efficient and customized energy solutions. Our experience, expertise and design flexibility allow us to meet the most complex needs, ensuring flawless emergency service and optimal energy efficiency. Choosing Sices means choosing a safe and sustainable energy future.


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