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Why sices


Our ambition is to become one of the leading manufacturers of electrical control panels globally. We aim to leverage our experience and expertise to offer increasingly complex custom products tailored to meet the needs of the global market at competitive prices.

Sices chi siamo

Quality Products
Made in Italy.

We create extremely sophisticated items tailored to the needs of our clients. With our design philosophy, we can provide personalized products that cater to any requirement.

Our team of consultants will help you convert your concepts into tangible projects, and our designers will collaborate with you to develop functional and groundbreaking solutions. Our engineers will professionally oversee every stage of your project, from inception to completion.

We protect our clients' investments by verifying the correct installation and commissioning of our products to maximize their performance. Thanks to the deep knowledge of the main industry products and the expertise in electrical engineering and power control of our specialized engineers, Sices offers unparalleled commissioning services.

The history.

Sices was founded in 1977 thanks to an idea from my father, Alberto, who has always shown a passion and interest in electronics from a young age. He has consistently been recognized for his practical and pragmatic approach to business management.

During the commissioning phase, he has always been passionate and readily available to solve any problems that arise. His strength lies in his commitment to ensuring technical excellence for his clients, which has allowed Sices to become a leader in the development and creation of unique and complex projects in the field of generators and their various applications.

It should be noted that Sices was one of the pioneer companies in the development and implementation of control systems with microprocessors, which has reduced costs and project complexity while increasing reliability and minimizing risks associated with the continuously expanding technology.

My personal goal is to continue on this path dynamically, developing and cultivating resilience, in order to allow SICES to adapt to the many facets that will characterize the global market in the near future. Our strength is in finding the right balance between modern business management, commercial dynamism, and technical excellence of the solutions offered.

What I am working on with great attention is human capital, which I still consider to be the driving force behind the entire company, increasing the level of responsibility and stimulating the sharing of ideas for the future of our company.

I believe that continuing to offer solutions rather than just a simple product is the key to success; for this reason, we are working on creating partnerships with companies active in the market, increasing the added value for both parties. In addition, we are committed to maintaining and consolidating relationships with our historical clients, who have appreciated our technical skills and the attention we have always shown towards them, particularly to ensure the efficiency of systems over time.

Sices around the world.

Thanks to our experience and reliability, we bring our brand and our energy approach to Italy and beyond, positioning ourselves as competent and efficient partners for tailor-made electrical engineering projects. We are a global excellence of Made in Italy, capable of turning complex ideas into reality.

Our Certifications.

For over 40 years, Sices has tackled numerous complex projects in the field of energy production and can therefore boast considerable experience in terms of quality. Thanks to this experience, we know that the price of our boards is irrelevant compared to the cost of a breakdown in the field. Quality is the basic principle of Sices' philosophy, from the initial offer to after-sales services; for this reason, our goal is to only offer products and services that meet the highest standards. All of our products and services comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards for quality, environment, and safety.


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